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Thejus’s Portfolio

Hello! I’m a UX designer and I live in Vancouver, BC.

2020 -> 2022

I worked on a reading app at Simbi.
We overhauled the app and added several new features.
I created and maintained the Simbi Design System, and worked on various other projects.


I redesigned the website for the Writing Centre at Emily Carr University.
Through this independent project, I gained an understanding of the design to development workflow.

2019 -> 2020

I worked on EQ, a mobile art collaboration game.
We built the app from scratch. I helped strategize key product decisions while working on the user experience and visual design.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Thejus Kayanadath.

I work on designing open spaces where people can express their creativity, tell stories, and learn from one other.

My work is guided by these principles:

Remember that users want to help us as much as we want to help them.
  • Observe keenly as they think and act.
  • Have casual conversations – be friends with users!
Iterate on internal processes and tools for teamwork.

Teams work best when tools – like design systems, journey maps, and handoff processes – are built just for our needs.

Listen for the stories people have to tell.

Everyone’s creative when they have the tools and spaces to express themselves.

Our job is to build these tools and spaces together with the people that use them.

Share work-in-progress often.
  • with users – their immediate reactions can be telling
  • with the team – saves time and effort from everyone.
  • with anyone that lends an ear – you never know what they know

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