UX and Product Design for EQ The Game

Building a collaborative art-making mobile game.

Team: April Nguyen, myself

EQ description image


EQ is a social, collaborative drawing game, published by art organization Mobil Art School.


I worked on Product design and UX design for the game.

I worked on wireframing and interactions, writing copy, and on promotional materials.

I also took part in making key decisions on the functionality and mechanics of the game.


EQ is based off the surrealist game Exquisite Corpse. This involves players making art based on cropped parts of other players’ drawings.

This leads to unique and surreal creations, like in the picture above.

Mobil Art School aimed to bring this experience to mobile.

This enables unique drawing canvas arrangements, and online collaboration with players around the world.


Player 1 makes a drawing, and sends a cropped part of it to Player 2.

Player 2 continues drawing from there, and sends it to more players.

This leads to surprisingly unique and surreal art pieces, when put together.

Personal Highlights

Features and decisions I contributed to.

Congratulating the player.
I introduced congratulatory messaging when the player achieves goals.

For example, when they receive an invite to play, or when they send someone a drawing.

Creating opportunities for players to reflect on previous games and see the contributions of other players.

I helped write copy that’s friendly and encouraging.


I worked on building transitions that helped the player understand what’s happening in the system.

I took part in decision making for several game features and mechanics.


Process + Insights

The EQ game team worked in co-design sessions to develop user flows and wireframes.

Including developers and project leaders in the process allowed for rapid decision making.


For example, making decisions on how players receive invitations to games was supported by input from project lead and developers.


We designed a subdued and clean interface to suit mature audiences, while including playful and art-inspiring elements.


After development and testing of a beta version, we began iterating on user flows and visual elements.

For example, we iterated on the ‘Start a project’ screen, both visually and structurally, including a drafts section.