Album art for 'The Five Storey EP'

Custom album art for an EP


I was tasked to create album artwork for ‘The Five Storey EP’.

It featured 5 songs with different moods and that told unique stories.


Custom artwork inspired by classical sculptures. Each song tells a unique story, represented by a corresponding sculpture.

These sculptures are expressive and portray unique moods and stories simply through their form.

They are also recognisable from their silhouettes alone.

I later created a launch show invite using the design language used for the cover.


Research involved interviewing the artist, to learn about the inspiration behind the music.

I listened to, asked about and defined the key themes expressed in each song.

I created a number of sketches that could represent buildings or ‘storeys’ and storytelling at the same time.

I later developed a number of concepts from initial sketches.

These did represent storeys of a building, but lacked the human storytelling element.

This was later brought in by including silhouettes in windows of a building.

Classical sculptures were ideal as they are recognisable from silhouettes.

Individual sculptures were selected to match the mood and ideas behind each song.