Business Cards for Rachel Ellis


I was asked to create a visual identity and business cards for a recent graduate.

The client was a student of Film and TV Set Design, and had a flair for creating unique, detailed and textured designs for sets.


A business card system, with the client’s name and designation on front - and a replaceable background.

The background can be changed to show a range of the client’s work.

A color scheme keeps the designs consistent as the background designs change.

Backside and more of the front designs


Interviews with the client revealed that she required a cheerful, yet grown-up aesthetic to match her personality and work.

A major request was to include her initials, possibly in the style of a signature.

I pushed the concepts in two directions - one pushing towards grown- up, and the other towards cheerful.

The client preferred the more grown-up aesthetic - with spaced letters in a serif font.

The client’s work can be detailed, as shown in these finished designs.

To balance this, I aimed to create a simple design, with plenty of space, and a subdued color palette.