Branding for Service Design Cardiff

Branding a local community of designers


Service Design Cardiff is a newly formed community running events and meetups related to Service Design.

I was tasked with creating a logo to be used on social media and to be printed for use at events.


A logo featuring a stylized ‘SDC’ in semicircles, in four basic colors.

The combined shapes represent people and groups interlocking together, and the simple forms and colors represent the basics of design.

The monospaced typeface is influenced by the technological aspects of Service Design.

Variants of the logo for different scales: using the shortened 'SDC' for stickers, for example

Laser printed sign for use at meetups


Research into logos for design communities showed a preference towards letterforms, or simple text stating the name of the group.

This is likely because it is near impossible to define ‘design’ as a simple picture or icon.

I drew a number of letter-based logos, incorporating basic shapes and forms to broadly represent ‘service design’.

The shapes all interlocked or joined together - representing a community.

These concepts were selected for initial review. The list was further shortened to three logos.

Of these three, the semicircles mark was voted best - showing balance, playfulness and simple shapes.