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Motion graphics for the Office for National Statistics

Animated video to promote the organization

Team: Hana Geherova, Claudia Lasarte, Coral Hawkins, Connor Jones, myself


The Office of National Statistics, or ONS is an organization that takes surveys about the UK public, and provides statistics and data for a number of categories.

These statistics are later used in projects that benefit communities.


The ONS sends letters to households prior to taking surveys.

These households have not previously heard about the organization, and do not understand how surveys work and what this data will be used for.


The solution: A motion graphic advertisement designed for social media

The advert informs the viewer about how these surveys take place, and what they are used for.

We used the metaphor of a circle throughout, to represent points of data and communication.

Our audience is immensely wide (all adults in the UK). We used simple language and imagery to keep the advertisement accessible.


Process + Insights

Storyboards were created and sections assigned to each member of the team, and later compiled into a single video.


Challenges included working out how surveys took place, and breaking the process down into the simplest, most understandable form.

The ONS were happy with the video, but required a number of changes. The challenge was to include these changes without compromising the original ‘circle’ metaphor.

Ultimately, the metaphor had to break for certain situations, such as using official symbols used by the ONS.